My Brothers,
It’s been a great year so far in our new lodge. This just proves that Masons make the building, not the other way around. We have been enjoying the new hall with fantastic dinners and get togethers. I have been enjoying many hours of Brotherhood and fellowship with you after lodge.
We started off with a casual night to ease into the new year comfortably. We have had a great EA Degree with three fantastic candidates and many lodges of instruction. We have heard the EA Third Section Lecture and discussed in lodge, something we don’t get to do often enough, and a wonderful  Serpent Lecture that we all found intriguing and informative. We hosted the Blue Lodge Council meeting with the Perfect Craftsman Degree. We have traveled to King Solomon Lodge, Center Lodge, and  Hiram Lodge on a few occasions. We have two more degrees and the Daffodil Festival to come before the summer break, so there are plenty of opportunities to stop by and join in.
Let’s have a great spring session!
Billie Keene
From the East March 2019

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