Spring has sprung! Although the thermometer does not always agree with that statement, the reality is that spring is here.  With the dawning of a new season comes the chance to reflect on the days of old.  Spring always conjures the idea of rebirth and I believe in a lot of ways Meridian Lodge has had a rebirth of its own.  With the move to our new home at 35 Pleasant Street has a come a renewed sense of brotherhood.  I have borne witness to how our new building has nurtured the bonding of brothers before and after lodge, giving the chance for the brothers to socialize and truly get to know each other outside of the traditional lodge setting.  I am told time and again how comfortable the brothers feel at the new building and I think that only adds to the lodge experience.

Besides the new building, Meridian Lodge also instituted the new bottle club following direction from Grand Lodge.  After much discussion in the previous year about the implementation of the club, the bottle club passed at our annual meeting with overwhelming support and was installed soon after.  Although this issue was particularly controversial throughout the state, I was particularly proud of how the Lodge was receptive of the law on the issue, banded together, and moved swiftly into compliance with it.  I believe the presence of the bottle club has also added to the level of socializing of the lodge with brothers feeling comfortable in their ability to partake in a glass of scotch after Lodge if they so desire.

I’d also like to take this opportunity to reflect on a few of the high points so far this year.  I think first and foremost the Lodge has benefited from a new crop of brothers entering our ranks.  Brothers David, Jerry and Aaron have proved to not only be very proficient in their ritual but also sponges to the true meaning of masonry.  I look forward to their development moving through the remainder of their degrees and beyond.

I am very proud of the work we have accomplished over the past several months.  Besides putting on an excellent EA degree ourselves, the brothers traveled to several different lodges which exposed the Lodge to different styles of ritual and degree work.  I was especially thrilled to have the showing we did to travel to Hiram Lodge No.1 in New Haven last month to see a colonial E.A. Degree performed.  This degree gave our new brothers the chance to see the degree in action for the first time but also to see it performed in full colonial era costumes.  It was a memorable evening for all which was capped off by an excellent rendition of the third section lecture by RWB Ted Doolittle.

Another highlight for sure was our most recent table lodge put on by our own Junior Warden.  RWB Tom Gondek perfectly executed a 5 course meal comprised of authentic Polish cuisine passed down through his family. The meeting gave the Lodge a chance to enjoy each other’s company while sharing some songs, speeches, and laughs.  It truly was a great evening.

Brothers if you have not been to lodge recently I encourage you to join us.  We have a good thing going here and it is only getting better!

See you in Lodge!

Nicholas A. Valinsky

Senior Warden

From the West March 2019

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