A word from our Worshipful Master… February 2017

Thank you to all the brothers that contributed to a very successful Entered Apprentice Degree, our first degree work for 2017. This was a true collaborative effort with many Meridian brothers working alongside brothers of Temple Lodge #16. Each lodge initiated one candidate.
The evening began with fellowship and a fabulous Chicken Marsala dinner that was enjoyed by all. Thank you Billie Keene and a sincere thank you to your wife and her hard work. That cake was remarkable too.
The candidates night began with a chamber of reflection in the basement on the stage. The fresh dark paint at the back of the stage served as a perfectly quiet and reflective setting.
Thank you to all our brothers, but a special thank you to some who added extra touches to the degree or served essential needed roles.
Thank you RWB Nicholas Ives for your work in the Chamber of Reflection, preparing the candidates, the long-form apron presentation, and the Chain of Union.
Thank you Phil Sharkey of Temple #16 for your work as Senior Steward. Also your work together with WB Eric Gunther, also of Temple #16, in your presentation of the First Section Lecture.
Thank you WB Bob Simon for your “Box” Lecture and your presentation of the Second Section Lecture. Thank RWB James Anderson for presenting the Charge.
Thank you WB Peter Nessing for pro-temming as Junior Deacon for the evening.
Thank WB Dan Luft for keeping on track all evening.
Finally, congratulations to Brother Darryle Boyd on his first lecture in lodge. Brother Boyd did a fine job presenting the tools of an Entered Apprentice and presenting their uses. It looks we have another brother who is ready to do more work!

WM Robert Kovi